Painting of Skaneateles Lake by famed local artist, John D. Barrow


‘The most beautiful body of water in the world” – William Henry Seward (1801 – 1872), 12th governor of NY, U.S. Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln



Skaneateles Lake, one of the Finger Lakes, is locatedĀ in Central New York State. Not only is the lake a major source of drinking water for the City of Syracuse, Skaneateles Village and Town, as well as other nearby municipalities in Onondaga County, it also provides recreation and a unique aesthetic to the area.


Skaneateles Lake being an important and beautiful natural resource to many residents of Onondaga County, the protection of its watershed is a priority. A watershed is, simply, an area of land surrounding a body of water through which water travels to get to that body of water. This means that land activity can affect water quality in the lake, even from miles away!


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It’s your watershed. You can protect it!


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